Dynamic promo code value per price type




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    Kim Beresford

    Thank you for all of your feedback - this feature is now available for both Voucher and Promo Codes. 



    If you have any further feature requests regarding Voucher or Promo codes, please check out our Ideas Forum to see if it's already been requested and if it hasn't, please add a suggestion. 

    Thanks again!! 

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    Igor Zenin

    Also, promo code may be available for specific tour date (date range) of specific product.

    Etc. promo code valid only for trip from 1/01/2014 till 7/01/2014, booking should be made from 1/09/2013 till 31/09/2013

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    desmond osullivan

    offer a certain $ amount off each ticket purchased

    . So for example, for groups of ten or more tickets purchased we give them a code to get $7 off each ticket at checkout. This has been a critical part of our pricing model for our customers. We use this in place of say 10% off a ticket, or a certain amount off the total purchase.

    Perhaps I am missing something but I don't see that ability in the coupon section of rezdy. Am I missing it possibly or can this feature be implemented? 

    Really hope this is possible!


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    Wayne Heywood

    This is a priority for us.

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    Scott Dewar

    Looks like this has been solved.

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    desmond osullivan

    It has been solved only for a fixed price for a specific product.  But you cannot apply this to " any product in catalogue."  When you select that option there are no drop downs to have it apply a fixed amount of anything.  

    Unfortunate because that is exactly what we need :(