New Release - 12 Dec 2016 - My Packages, Mandatory Fields for Agents and Internal Staff

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    Christopher Jones

    Posted on behalf of Paul Simpson - Wetland Cruises: 

    What a package needs to be is a simple option that works well for operators taking internal bookings in Rezdy and also for direct online bookings. I also want the ability to advertise/ promote a package everywhere and not have it found as an "add on option" at check out by customers. Also, having to flick between several manifests because people booked in packages are not shown directly on the manifest for the various activities, just leaves room for mistakes to happen. The current My Packages doesn`t work well and I would like to see a package set up like this below if it is possible to do :

    • Create the package as a New product so it has a name and is listed along with all the other products you have available. Name it appropiately ( Eg: Snorkel and Jetski package)
    • With the new package, create the sessions you want and draw on the resources that belong to the products in the package
    • When someone rings and wants to book the package, you take their details once, select the dates for the activities linked in the package and save the booking.
    • The passenger details are then automatically shown on the manifest of the various activities in the package for the dates chosen.  

     *Should any other Rezdy customers agree/support the above, please click on the below link to register your support by voting "Yes" for this! 

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    Rob McKinnon

    When you get to the check out page instead of simply having the product package I think it's important to promote what discount the customer will be receiving. That needs to be bold. I.e. Add this product to SAVE $100.

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    Cristina Denegre

    I would like to be able to create a package of 2 products from 2 different rezdy accounts. I have 3 companies, each with their own website, phone, and rezdy account. For example, I would like to be able to advertise a package for someone booking a fishing charter to add on an Everglades tour for a discounted promo rate, but they are on separate Rezdy accounts. Is this possible?

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    Vicki Jones

    The above "packaging" doesn't work for me.

    I have a weekly tour package that includes accommodation and 4 of my day tours. I would like the customer and agents to be able to book the package online - so just the one booking with no add ons. The tricky bit is I want the availability of the package linked to each of the 4 day tours so when the customer books online they are automatically booked into each of the day tours and their names show up on each day tour manifest. I don't need to book accommodation as I already have an allocation with the accommodation provider - I just need to be able to book my own tours more easily.

    Currently I have to check availability of each of the day tours, make a booking for the package and then add each of the day tours to each booking. I may have different agents booking the package so I can't make one booking for all package guests and then add names in later.

    Ideally it wouldn't have to but I don't mind if in order to link availability it sets up an allocation within each day tour for the package - lets say I think I will get 4 pax per week on the package - so for each of the day tours the availability is automatically reduced by 4. As long as I can release any unused allocations some how.


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