New Release - 10 Aug 2016 - Internal Order Form Improvements

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    Kelli Sherbinin

    currently in the order screen you can only search by customer name and not by business or organization. Can you please allow this field (business/organizations) to be able to be searched from this screen? People within a business often change, but the organization itself is always the same.

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    Kelli Sherbinin

    Another improvement would be a quick overview of the order. In our business, each product has options, custom questions, etc, which all take up screen space. It would be nice to have a condensed view or what is in the order.

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    Mike Palumbo

    A very important improvement for my industry (snowmobile rentals and tours) and any business like this would be the ability to put all "orders" in chronological order. i.e.  If a trip is booked one month out, it would be nice to go to the order page and be able to search out what I have happening tmrw, the next day, Tuesday next week, etc. etc. I understand there is a colour coded "calendar" but it is a bit difficult to use and does not show enough client information.

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    Hugo Sterin

    Hi Mike,

    What about the Agenda view on your calendar?

    The manifest is also designed for you to view all the information you need for a specific day

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