New Release - 26 Aug 2016 - My Invoices & Agent Reconciliation

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    Christopher Jones

    Comment on behalf of Lelle Buchanan - Bruny Island Safaris

    Its great to see the new invoice feature, however the information that we need on the invoice to send to the agent for payment is: Participants Name, date of travel, number of participants, Agents voucher/reference number. This applies to all our agents we need to send invoices to.

    When entering in an Agents booking manually, it would be helpful if next the Paid to agent and payment date we could enter the agents voucher/reference number, or be able to change the automated order number manually to reflect the voucher/booking defence number provided by the agent.

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    Warwick James (Edited )

    As per Lelle / Christopher
    All the first paragraph of the request is always required by the agent, so they can check it in their system.

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    Christopher Jones

    Hi Warwick/Lelle ,

    Thank you both so much for your feedback! It will go along way in improving this new feature.
    I have created a feature request for this, and would appreciate if you could both like/vote on this one:


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    Andrew Fife

    Hi , is it possible to add a sort feature to the My Agent page to just show the unreconciled? This will make it easier as our agent list grows

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    Eloise Whritenour

    Comments on behalf of Sarah Hawkless - Forgotten World Adventures

    Whenever a new invoice is created the default amount is $0. It make more sense for the default to be the amount owing, and if we want to change it from that, we can.

    Also, the search bar for agents on the generating invoice page seems very cramped, and expands as we type, which isn't how your other search boxes work.

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    Scott Dewar

    Would be great to be able to filter by agents who have outstanding amounts owed to them or from them!

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    Jane-Maree Holmes

    This invoice system looks like it could be a very useful tool. However to really be of any use it really needs details of: agent voucher number, client name and passenger numbers, trip name/type and date travelled. Ditto to the first comments above. The agent will be checking against their system so need the information to make any sense of it.

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    Stuart Edwards

    We are Xero integrated, when we receive an order that has been paid to partner and we want to then invoice the partner the % commission is not taken off the invoice in Xero. Please consider this with next release, it skews our figures and causes double handling of data.

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    Sarah Hawkless

    It is a great idea to be able to create Invoices in the same system as our bookings, however it needs a few important updates to be truly usable.

    Most importantly it needs to include details on how to actually pay (bank details / cc payment link)

    Then our Agents require it to be a Tax Invoice (not a Payment Invoice, ie  include our Tax info -GST Number in New Zealand).

    It would be be great if we could edit the email that is sent in the "Email Settings", and track if the email was delivered/opened etc like all other emails.

    And change the subject line from "Invoice from User Name (ie Sarah Hawkless)" to "Invoice from Company Name".

    Perhaps even a system to enter the Agent's Invoicing Schedule to each Agent, ie 1 day after trip, or 30 days prior to trip etc, and have auto alerts (or even auto invoice) to create/send out invoices.


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    Jane-Maree Holmes

    Sarah's comments are exactly what I'd like to endorse.  The above is needed before it can really be used here in New Zealand.

    When entering an agent into the system it would be good to have an option to enter an email for invoicing as the accounts department is often different from the Res agent.

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    William Tuffin

    We have several different locations, It would be nice to be able to edit the address on the invoice for the office generating the invoice. 

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    Eloise Whritenour

    On Behalf of Private Dance Academy:

    All Invoices need to feature the following details:

    a. Address of the Client

    b. Client Contact Person

    c. Client Company Tax Number

    d. Consecutive Invoice Numbering (no generic codes like automated now by REZDY)

    e. Our Address & company Tax Number

    f. Our Bank Details

    g. Individual products purchased with individual net amounts

    h. Individual VAT Amount per individual product

    i. Total summarized Net amount

    j. Total summarized VAT amounts per VAT segment (20%, 13% or 0% for EU Invoicing)

    k. Total summarized Gross amount

    l. Payment information : eg: “Payment is due within 7 days of invoicing without deduction”

    m. Payment information for EU Invoices: eg: “The liability shifts to the recipient of the invoice according to EU law”.

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    Sture Haglund

    If we are going to continue using Rezdy we need a way to handle VAT
    In Sweden we have the levels:
    25%, 12%, 6% abd 0%


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    Stuart Edwards

    Any movement on these feature requests?

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    Hi All, keep the ideas rolling in! the team are actively monitoring all comments and ideas put forward here and also here:

    which we will use when technical specification stages begin. I don't have a timeline to share right now, but be sure to expect updates soon!

    @Stuart Edwards; the functionality between Rezdy and Xero when it comes to Agent Orders is unfortunately a lot more complex than just making improvements to the Agent Invoices on our end, as we are somewhat limited to Xero design specifications. Either way, this is also on our Roadmap to make improvements.

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    Conor O'Boyle

    Hi there,

    Can we please get the function to manually change the "invoice date"? We invoice our agents monthly post travel date and require the invoice date to be the last day of each month to ensure we get paid on the 20th of the following month.Changing the due date is not sufficient. It will have a serious impact on our cashflow.

    We cannot generate all our invoices on the last day of the month as we need a number of days to check the bookings before doing an invoice run. Thus, until we can change the "invoice date" we will not be able to use the invoicing function. PLEASE vote for this functionality.


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    Hannah Bairstow
    Good afternoon all,
    I have a suggestion,as our agents require their reference on all invoices (at the moment we put these in the internal notes field), would it be possible to add this column onto the invoices please?
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    Paul Pickering

    Hi Team,

    Crucial features needed like most have mentioned:

    1. Ability to edit invoice date

    2. GST/Tax column 

    3. Email for agents just for invoicing (accounts payable email). Realised I have not been getting payments cause it has all been going to reservations.

    4. Remove "Paid/unpaid" status, it is not necessary and looks dated.

    These missing features are stopping the invoice feature from being actually useful on a larger scale.

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    Chris Stephenson

    Hi team,

    Can agree with most statements here, especially Sarah Hawkless and Paul Pickering.

    These features are must when it comes to invoicing.

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    Stevie (Edited )

    Hi All, thanking everyone for the continued feedback. Just a quick update and some further good news. Firstly out of the 19 or so additional improvements to My Invoices, the following has been completed and now displays within the Invoice:

    1. Date of Travel
    2. Total Number of Participants
    3. Agent Voucher/Reference taken from the Order
    4. Name of Products
    5. Email Subject line shows "Invoice from COMPANY NAME"
    6. Agent Address
    7. Agent Tax/ABN/GST/Business Number
    8. Supplier Tax/ABN/GST/Business Number
    9. Totals Summary
    10. Manually set Due Date
    11. Delete Invoice

    Now for the good news, I have added the following to our Internal Quick Wins list

    1. Participants Names
    2. Generate Own Number or Edit auto generate Invoice Number
    3. Agent Contact Name
    4. Supplier Bank Details and/or Payment Methods
    5. GST/Tax Summary
    6. Ability to specify a different email address to receive Invoices

    I will come back with more updates as they come to hand! if anyone requires further clarification on any of the above, feel free to contact our Support team

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