How to create a pickup list

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    Riccardo Ghirardi

    Dear Sir,
    i've seen how the pick-ups works. But im not able to give to the pick-up point a different price;

    I have the Venice excursion. It has (in the same day, 1 bus) different pick-up point with different schedule and different price for pick-up. In this way, a guest can book the tour on 20/09/2016 from Bardolino at 10:00 that cost 40€, and another guest can book the same tour, the same day, but from a different country like Garda at 35€.

    In Get your Guide or in Viator, there are the "Tour Option", and i can create a new product option in according to my needs.
    In this way, i can have different pick-up point and times, but also the different prices for each pick-up point.

    In Rezdy i am able to create different pick-up and schedule, but not different prices.

    It is possible? How can i do?

    Thank you, Best regards

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