New Release - 28 July 2016 - Private Agents

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    Stuart Edwards

    Hi Stevie,

    excellent to see this improvement, we are still really looking forward to those future improvements too.
    One quick question:
    Is there a way to edit the agent type where we have already invited an agent to sell our products. We have a number of accommodation providers locally who are unlikely to sell other products through Rezdy (it is just not their business model) do we have to set them up again or can they be made to become a private agent? I can't see how to do it. Thanks

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    Artium Dostman

    Hi. Is it possible now to edit the agent confirmation email sent from the order or still on hold ? (I mean without rezdy logo on it )

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    Nicholas Cooke

    Hi Stuart, if you send a request through to support with the agents we can manually make them private for you. Note that the agents must not be actively logging into Rezdy.

    Sorry Artium, not as part of this release. Be sure to add it as a feature request here: and we can prioritise.

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    Fiona Sweetman

    thanks rezdy
    this is great, but it seems that several ( but not all) of our bookmarked agents have dissapeared from the MY agents list, and so when I run a report with the agents that I went and found again (and allocated) included they are now in my reports as another entity ( so duplicates) - they are all agents that are already in the system - prob not using it, but you have them as searchable agents. As they are now no longer in our list ( the original ones we used) we cannot attribute a new internal booking to them, and as such messing up our reporting! are you able to help. FIona

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    William Tuffin

    For the local agents we can only pay cash in whole numbers. For example, the commission is 400THB on a tour that sells for 1850THB. I need a rate of 21.622 to reach and even 400THB. Can we extend the decimal places out to 4 from 2. 

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    Carolyn Banfalvi

    Is it possible for private agents to login to see their bookings and reports? Or is this only possible with marketplace agents?

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    Stevie (Edited )

    @Carolyn; the only way a Private Agent can view their Reports is by logging in, first you'd need to click the Invite button (ensure you have entered a contact email)

    Which sits at the top of every Private Agent profile page, that would essentially make them a Marketplace Agent. Reach out to our Support Team if you're having trouble with this.

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    Filipe Sousa


    Since Private are Agents do not want to login, do not take use of the software, and bookings have to be inserted manually by our reservations person.. is there any charged per this manual, internal reservation?

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