New Release - 19 July 2016 - Voucher & Promo Codes Improvements

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    Ana Henriquez

    Would it be possible to have the taxes and fee's apply at the time of GC purchase, but waive it at the time of redemption? This way guest that are receiving the GC are not paying the taxes and fee's again at the time of booking.

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    Kevin Senecal

    We prefer this just as is. To Ana Henriquez... in most jurisdictions in the US, sales tax does not apply (and does not need to be remitted) on the purchases of the gift card. This is really just the customer making a deposit for a future service. The tax is due to the government on the date when the person actually is delivered the service. Therefore, it makes more sense from our perspective to calculate the tax at the time of completing the service. If you want the customer to pay zero dollars at the time of the service, just need to make sure that the gift certificate is sold in an amount high enough to cover both the service sales and tax. So if your service is $100 and tax is $10, then sell the gift certificate for $110.

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    Kelli Sherbinin

    It would be great see the voucher work with custom products. We had a customer credit their account which we created a voucher for, but his voucher couldn't be applied to any products purchased.

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