How to connect Rezdy with TripAdvisor Review Express

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    Jenny Lee

    This article is not helpful... I came to this article wanting to know how to add Review Express follow-ups but only the second part of the process - the bit where you tick the Review Express box in 'Messages' is explained. That's obvious. What doesn't seem to be obvious is how you 'Opt-in' to Review Express or get your product 'matched'. Opting in is mentioned twice above without actually explaining how to do it.

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    Dusan Zahoransky

    Hi Jenny,

    what needs to be matched it's your company profile with the TripAdvisor profile, this can be achieved by filling up the link to your TripAdvisor website, under your Rezdy profile and wait until we synchronize the profiles (it's done on a regular basis, but can sometimes take up to 1 month). There is no individual matching for the products.

    For the Review Express installation and how to 'Opt-in' on TripAdvisor side, please follow their guide (Learn how to setup a Review Express campaign

    If there is something unclear or missing, regarding how to setup Review Express follow-ups on Rezdy, please let me know and I can improve the article.



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    Jose Alvarado

    What if we have different tripadvisor listings for different products - or different sites(locations).... ??? 


    How can we link product specific to a specific listing on tripadvisor?

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