Beta Release - 14/Dec/2015 - Mobile Manifest

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    Shannon Aitken
    Hi guys. Thanks for this it looks great and makes a really useful addition to the service. My one immediate thought is that I'd like the option to be able to hide my customers' email addresses. For our business there is no need for our guides to have the email addresses, and I like the customers to feel that their personal details are as private as possible. The phone numbers are essential, and I usually give my guides the hotel phone numbers as well as as backup, but never email. Thanks!
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    Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones Feb 5, 16:41 Re: the Beta Release - 14/Dec/2015 - Mobile Manifest Didn't resolve our issues at all. It would be way better if the staff members could use the calendar in something akin to "filter" mode. That is, they can only see those trips where they have been allocated as a resource. Only being able to see yesterday/today/tomorrow is very limiting. For example, they can't see their upcoming work. Also: - the mobile manifest is terrible to use on a desktop - the staff member cannot see any internal notes (often critical) - they can't see other resources attached to their session (which vehicle? which co-worker? etc) and so still require us to print out a full manifest or email them the additional info
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    Misael Fernandez

    Hi this is a nice addition to rezdy, we already are using it at full, i have only 1 request if is possible to add a drop down view to the client details like in the calendar when you click on the participants name or a swipe on the participants names so it reveals the info of every participant, we save information that we need to share with our crew that is need for stuff like to put the equipment together for them and to know who is vegetarian and who not and stuff like that, thanks!!

    for example

    Diver 1
    First Name: Hande
    Last Name: Ersoy
    Gender: FEMALE
    Date of birth:
    Certification Level: Open Water
    Size of T-Shirt for Equipment: Small
    Wetsuit Type:
    Shoe Size for Fins: 38 EU / 6 US Men

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    Shannon Aitken (Edited )

    I agree with Misael. We need to let our guides know our guests' allergies/dietary needs, contact phone number etc. So this would be really useful.

    I also agree with Dylan. It doesn't work for us to just have today and tomorrow. That might be okay if your staff were full time, but for my staff are freelancers and have other things going on with other companies. They need to be able to see all tours they have booked in the future with us to help them clearly arrange their time and know that they are already booked up with us for example. I often book guides 2 to 6 months in advance.

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    Hugo Sterin

    We made a few updates to the mobile manifest based on your initial feedback:
    - Showing next 7 days instead of only yesterday/today/tomorrow
    - Show products internal codes
    - Show total participants for the day

    Participant details and internal notes were already included, I'm not sure why some of you couldn't see them?
    Did you check "Show on manifest" in your product settings?

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    Justin Whyte

    Hi there,
    Would it be possible to select what features appear on the mobile manifest?
    e.g I'd like the drivers to be able to see the to & from information without having to click through for each booking?

    Also, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but is there a possibility that we could limit product access to users? I'd like certain members of staff to just have access to certain products.

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    Melinda Loe

    Hi great to see this feature included thank you. It does need more work though around the information provided for guides.
    I agree with Dylan about guides needing to view their future rostered tours (longer out than just 7 days out - ideally at least a few months) - but not all tours! Our guides only need see their rostered tours - no need for information overload (along lines of Cerys request re: limit product but expanded to just rostered tours). I also support Shannon's request about guides not having access to email addresses.

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    Scott Ricketts

    Guys this is looking great. I see now a send manifest option with a drop down of resources to send to. This is awesome, however only sends the mobile version. I would love to be able to send my guide the printable version so that they can print it just as I can :) Or in the Resource user profile allow them access to the printable versions, either would be a great help :)

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    Carlton Whitesides

    This could be a very useful tool for us. But as a shuttle service, we would need to be able to send individual or multiple manifests to the assigned driver. And the most important thing would be to have the pick up and drop off hotel/location information included for each customer in the list. Without that it is unusable.

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    Tim Grigg

    For us this is a big improvement, the old system of creating a pdf and emailing out to guides was horrible. So well done.

    Everyone has different needs and I sympathise with the development team at Rezdy, however providing the ability to nominate what information appears, and where it appears will make it much better.

    For us I want the pax name and pickup location on the main screen.

    I also support hiding the email address and our guides also not needing to see booking number, amounts paid, amounts owed etc.

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    Scott Sieck

    For us ( a shuttle company) it is fraught with several problems. First it displays all orders ( even cancelled orders) second and most important when viewing one session there is no visible mention of pick up locations for easy viewing. driver must drill down to see any pick up locations one passenger at a time.

    Not a major issue ( there are work arounds) only an "owner" can send the mobil manifest. Not helpful when you have shifts and numerous dispatchers coordinating with drivers.

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    Randy Palmer

    There needs to be a link to smartwaiver in the mobile manifest as well.

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    Noreen Raines

    Has the ability to assign staff to the jobs improved?

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    Will Goudie

    Liking the bones of what you are doing here with the mobile manifest. However it needs a way to add groupings for the drill down.

    eg. My drivers are going to want, firstly the day of the booking, then the time, then location, then the customers at that location and finally the details for that customer. As it is - a driver will have to hunt thru each name to find the pick up location for the passenger.

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    Tim Grigg

    Agree with Will.

    For a guide with manifest in hand and with the task of running around picking people up, which normally happens under some sort if time pressure, there are 2 vital bits of information he / she needs, the pax name and pick up location, putting both on the main screen makes sense.

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    Sandra Tanner

    At the moment you can filter categories and send the link to a resource but it doesn't actually work, everything in the manifest will show to the resource, not the filtered version. Seems a simple fix really. Hope it is fixed very very soon because this would help my resources immensely, at the moment I have to manually filter the manifest then send by email every day and it's not efficient, they can't see further than one day, how are they meant to plan?

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