New Release - 04 Jan 2016 - Point of Sale (card swipe)

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    Frank Stein
    How does Rezdy and/or the Card Reader behave, if the credit card has got a chip?
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    Traci Bush

    This doesn't work because most cards are switching to EMV card chip.

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    Hugo Sterin

    Hi Frank and Traci,

    Yes most cards now have a chip, but that doesn't mean the magnetic stripe is going away anytime soon. Cards have both, so you can still swipe cards using a stripe reader.

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    Frank Stein

    Hi Hugo
    Thanks a lot for your reply.
    I (and maybe Traci as well) am aware that magnet stripes will stay for a while. My question was what happens if cards have both, stripe and chip. Our credit card machine does display an error if one swipes a card with chip, saying that the chip has to be used. My question was addressing that situation and how rezdy and/or the swipe device / software behaves.
    Another question: it looks like this solution was restricted to internal orders. Why? We have many many cases where customers use a different card for the online booking than the one for payment in our bike shop. And these orders are never internal.
    Thanks a lot!

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    Hugo Sterin

    Hi Frank,

    The stripe reader is actually acting as a keyboard. It makes it faster for you to take payments, but all it does is typing the card details for you. Payment is still processed online by your Payment gateway, so it does not make any difference to them if the card numbers were swiped or typed.
    Rezdy does not process the payment, we only forward the information to your gateway.

    Also there may be some confusion in the words we used. Swiping a card is available on your "internal" order page, but it does not matter if the order was placed online or internally, you can always use it.

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