New Release - 22 Jan 2016 - Booking Form Changes

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    Matt Brown
    SOOOO Much better. Props to the Rezdy Dev and UI team. Love this flow a lot more and have already seen an increase in bookings by removing that extra step! Mahalo!
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    Paul Ley
    Great enhancement - Thank you!
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    Scott Sieck
    This new booking form has some serious glitches...especially for customized products. I have a support ticket in hopefully it can be remedied.
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    Frank Stein (Edited )

    I found some bugs as well. PLEASE test ALL widgets with the new UI. I generally love the new UI, but what doesn´t work is:

    1. within the product list widget: if you leave the height on 480px, after you clicked on "book now" the calendar shows up, but the Book me button isn´t visible! That´s a show stopper bug. Workaround: I´ve set the height to 100%, and that seems to be working
    2. after clicking on "Book now", the widget returns to the product list instead of the next booking step. Another show stopper bug.

    Don´t know if that happens to other customers as well and I would urgently ask Rezdy to investigate in the described behavior. If I use the product calendar widget, the described behavior doesn´t occur, so there seems to be a dependency to the widget used

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    Clive Britten

    All Rezdy upgrades require thorough checking by us subscribers as Rezdy does not do any User Testing before releasing its upgrades - as advised to me by their helpful Help Desk team. Having just discovered a change that has damaged my business for about 4 months - and with documentation and acknowledgement from Rezdy that proves my issue was working properly but then was somehow changed and now doesn't work - it's time Rezdy caught up to IT industry standards and implemented User Testing and Quality Control standards that at least match industry standard. Unfortunately one cannot take your eye off Rezdy to actually run your business - you need to keep an eye on changes that can impact you. This is not just unfortunate but potentially a basis for damages should it occur. It also damages what is an otherwise very usual tool.

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