New Release - 12/Aug/2015 - Rezdy Messages, Marketplace Product Tags...and more!

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    Russell Brown (Edited )

    Ok first item off the top that stands out a mile to me: we have for example 20 staff ... do I have to send my message 20 times ?? there should be a way to GROUP staff and so send out a GROUP message in one hit, not to have to send out 20 individual messages.

    Unless I'm missing something ?

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    Michael Davis

    Great additions to the Rezdy system, thank you. We would dearly love the option to apply promo codes to main products only, not applied to both main products and extras as is the current option. Mike - East Coast Cruises

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    @Russell; you are definitely not missing something there, the ability to send out group messages was indeed a consideration however it was not included mainly due to spamming reasons. As a result, once the team incorporate some form of spam protection, it will most likely make the list for upcoming releases in the not too distant future.

    @Michael; thanks for the feedback. I can see the below Feature Request getting quite a few comments and votes, so hopefully in time this can be included in a future release also!

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    Russell Brown

    ok Thanks

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