New Release - 13/July/2015 - Waiting List, First day of week & more

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    Clive Britten

    Nice one on the wait list!

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    Callum McDonald

    If a customer books an 'On Hold' slot does this ignore the deposit policy?

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    Adam Wells

    when a customer enters their credit card details and then clicks 'get me on the waiting list', are they charged immediately, or only if a place becomes available? I think this should be specified to the customer... otherwise they will be very reluctant to enter card details if they think they will be charged but are not guaranteed a place.

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    Elissa Allen

    Thanks for making the ability to specify which day of the week the calendar starts! I think there is a problem with it, however. I go in and adjust the setting and the calendar is changed. It does not show the change for other users on our account and if I log out and back in, it reverts to the old setting. Please check into this as we are eager to have the calendar start on Sundays since we are in the US and starting on Monday has been less than ideal all along and allows for frequent errors.

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    Azalea Lee

    Thank you for fixing the calendar!!!!

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    Scott Dewar

    Is it possible to have the option for the waiting list show up on the main calendar, not just on the available time list. Perhaps using colour codes with a small legend (available, waiting list) could help.

    Right now it isn't wholly obvious that a person can choose the waiting list option.

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    Jesse Crouch

    Loving the "Last Minute" email notifications!
    Not sure which release this happened in, but we also really love the new "show value of orders" button in the Sales Report interface.

    Wonderful stuff! Thanks so much.

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