New Release - 29/June/2015 - Reusable Vouchers, New Internal Order button...and more!

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    Callum McDonald

    It's the first time I've ever had to comment that I'm disappointed in a Rezdy Update - with so many pending feature requests such as Dynamic packaging, Point of Sale, Refund Integration, etc. Not one of these single updates released are high on the voting priorities but seem to have been implemented - does this mean that our votes are no longer important to the development team or even our feature requests are no longer considered.

    It would be great to see what's in development for the next few months from Rezdy - you don't need to commit to implementation dates but perhaps just involve the paying users in the roadmap a little more.

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    Hi Callum,
    Thanks for the feedback, just thought I'd like to demonstrate just how important your votes and comments actually are. If you click the following link, this will not only give you a public view of the Development Team's Product Roadmap for the next few months, but also a view of all the highest voted Feature Requests marked as Completed:

    Sadly POS and Refunding functionalities are a lot more involved requiring more than just development work. Both of these feature requests will impact on the entire business, hence the delays.

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