New Release - 25/May/2015 - Calendar Filter, Numeric Order Numbers, PDF Attachment Per Product & More!

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    Brittany Lock

    Love the improvements! One note about internal fields - it would be good to keep internal fields internal only. When I go to send an order confirmation to a customer the internal field shows up in the email which I don't want it to do as it contains information that only staff need to know.

    Other than that issue these are great updates.

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    Hi Brittany,
    Thanks for that bit of information, a development ticket has been raised to address this issue as you are 100% correct; internal fields should not go out to Customers. It does appear limited to only Internal Orders as obviously a field marked as Internal Only will not be visible online.

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    Brittany Lock

    Thanks Stevie.

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    Elijah Everson

    What about QB integration? Any idea when that is in the works for?

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