How to record a refund in an Order




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    Randy Booher

    The article was helpful. Still, the answer that Rezdy will charge cards but not refund to cards with int he software is not a good answer. Refunding money is a fairly basic transaction and this functionality should be available within the software. IT should not have to be a two step process (I.E. 1. working through the credit processor website, 2. Rezdy must be corrected as well).

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    Hi Randy,

    Thanks for the feedback, technically, Rezdy is not charging cards. The Rezdy Vault securely stores credit card information to be charged manually at a later date by the Supplier.

    With all other Payment Options, the actual Payment Gateway is doing the charging with Rezdy acting as the middle man.

    However you're correct, refunding is a fairly basic transaction to set up between systems, the complexity is getting each and every Payment Gateway to play along.

    Lastly, there is already an article within our Feature Request forums, feel free to jump in there and add your support:

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