What iframe widgets are available?




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    Callum McDonald

    Hi Stevie

    Couple of questions;

    • Is there any way we can customize the widgets, so that we can change the font colour and make the background transparent?
    • When we track the iframe using analytics it comes up as a page view, the problem is when its on the page it displays that a customer is viewing it although they might not even clicked it. The tracking we require is when the customer visits the webpage of a certain activity it will show in GA that the customer is viewing our page, then once they click confirm availability on the irfame and the hosted form appears then track that the customer has clicked through - is this at all possible?
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    Jamie Boot

    Is there a way to get only the smaller calendar shown in the 'Product Details' section to display in the sidebar of my tour page?


    I don't want the larger 'Product Calendar' but rather just a smaller version in the sidebar keeping my own tour descriptions and photos



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    1. Yes this is possible, again it requires a good knowledge of web design and CSS manipulation but I have seen some examples (actually I haven't seen background examples but I am fairly sure its possible) you can find the CSS Code section on the Website Integration > Booking From Design page, then click View advanced options



    1. It's never an easy task dealing with GA and iframes hosted on another domain. But you should find what you're looking for here:

    @Jamie - There is no easy way to achieve what you're looking for. I have seen similar examples before but they were using the Supplier API, more information can be found  here but it requires weeks to months of dev work and can be quite costly.



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