How to integrate a Categories iframe




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    Nick Zimm

    Thanks for tutorial.


    When this option is used, the other tabs/catalogs are still visible.  It would be better if they (the other catalogs) were hidden automatically, without having to edit css or setting the catalog to private.  Maybe there is another way that I haven't found yet.

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    casey weigel

    When I install this on my website - the action of clicking the next week button resets to the top of my website page which would be very frustrating for customers.  It would be nice to have the option of a full month or weekly calendar; and to be able to set a start and end date - as some of my products are seasonal which make it look clunky by having to start at the week of 7/22 and click next week button several times to get to the week when the season actually starts. . .

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