How to connect Rezdy with Facebook

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    Michelle Ackers

    Awesome thanks guys! I have set this up for our Facebook page ( the only thing is it comes up with a message saying Error Secure Connection required. the link just needs https:// in front of it - how can I fix this?

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    Hugo Sterin

    Hi Michelle, 

    Good job on the integration, you were our first customer live on Facebook, just few hours after the release!

    The secure connection is a facebook limitation that we're trying to overcome, but at this stage we haven't found a solution. You just need to be using https while browsing facebook, which is the recommended protocol anyway!

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    Hugo Sterin

    And the issue is now fixed. The page now works with http or https

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    Raphaël LUCIEN

    We've also just created our Facebook page and direcly set up the Rezdy app. Really easy to install and cool fearure, thanks guys

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    Paulus Potter

    Integration seems to work fine, but the edit page information is outdated. How can I adjust the buttons and go to app settings? This doesn't seem to work!

  • We have the app installed on our Facebook page but there does not seem to be any way to track sale through this. How can we measure this? It is important to gauge our return on time/investment when it comes to promotion through Facebook. Any help appreciated. Thanks

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