How to connect Rezdy with Xero

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    John Zanakis

    Does Rezdy apply payments in Xero, or do you have to apply them manually in xero?

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    Kim Beresford

    Hi John, 

    Yes, we apply payments in Xero. 

    Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions. 

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    Paul Fanning

    What about Agent bookings?  If an agent makes a booking is the invoice created and directed at the Agent or does it put the base customers details in the invoice?  Would be good if Agent bookings did not actually raise an invoice, but were created 'manually' so that numerous bookings could be collated into one invoice per Agent on a desired basis.

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    Sasha P

    Are you planning to have the same agreement with QuickBooks ??


    that would be great!:)

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    Paula de Jong

    Wave App integration would also be really beneficial! 


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    Josh Waterson

    Is Xero integration with rezdy worth updating to the premium plan for???? 

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    Paula de Jong

    Can you do partial payments and take deposits on orders? Can you edit the quantity after a partial payment?
    Is anyone using this upgrade that can provide that it is upgrading for?

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