How to setup Google Analytics & cross-domain conversion tracking

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    Renee Dowling

    hey guys, thanks for this article. We are still using ga.js, does it mean Google Analytics with will not work for us unless we upgrade to Universal Analytics? Cheers

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    Hugo Sterin

    Hi Renee,

    Google Analytics will work fine, but conversion tracking with Adwords will give you a lot of issues until you upgrade.

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    Marcus Eldh

    I have Universal Analytics, but can someone please clarify:
    - Make sure you are using Universal Analytics on both your company website, and Rezdy. Where do I use analytics code in Rezdy?
    - The conversion tracking code that I can find in "Conversion tracking", is to be inserted at the thank you page. Where is my thank you page or how do I create one?

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    Samantha Gartner

    This has been an excellent resource for our Google Analytics tracking. Hoping there's a reference to how we can also customise something for our Facebook Pixel Conversion Tracking since it's update last year?

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    Patrick Alexander

    For the more advanced solution: Where in the website do we place this function code? If I'm using Wordpress do I place this in the Header Section of All Webpages? or Do I Place it in the PhP functions folder? Or Do I place it in the body of the webpage 

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    Darren Craig (Edited )

    Has anyone had this cross domain working with Google Tag Manager?  (using embedded iframes)


    I have the script in place, set to fire after the standard Analytics pageview...


    ...but there's a different client for Analytics when I look at the cookies during the booking process.  The booking doesn't get attributed to the test campaign I visited the site with (using UTM parameters).

    I have the correct cross domain parameters in place, and have the correct domains in the referral exclusion list.

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    Jose Alvarado (Edited )

    Hello, I appreciate the guide and detailed info but i have a few concerns.  First of all what I've done: I setup cross-domain tracking by using Google Analytics; setting it up on my website with Google Tag Manager (see image below for setup I used), and using the google analytics tracking code on Rezdy (not the GTM)

    I also set up the conversions tracking for Google AdWords with the code provided in my AdWords account by setting up a new conversions action. (not with GTM)


    But now I have a few doubts:

    - Cross domain tracking is working fine - I think - meaning I can see pageviews of Rezdy ( on my GA account, and I think I am not using the mentioned iframes -although we are planning on using them- so I'm not sure if the setup I've done is enough?

    - The script mentioned for iframe integrations, should I set that as a variable on GTM, or just paste it additionally on my website as if I would do if it were a normal GA code on all pages? 

    -The AdWords conversion code I don't know if it works correctly... It tracks conversions but the values are not displaying right, they are using the default value I gave when creating a new conversion action in my account. Is there a way to fix this?


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    Sandra Tanner

    Hi Hugo, just trying to setup the advanced code for tracking iframes which I use on my website. Quick question, how do I track orders that come from a different website other than my own? I use the same iframe code on my other website too and am trying to see where I get more orders from. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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    David Hockly

    Hey Hugo,

    Can you just allow GTM on our Rezdy sites? This would make the cross-domain/ e-commerce troubleshooting a lot easier, and it gives us control over the analytics and event tracking side of things. 

    I'm currently troubleshooting as the script is not working. 



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