How to mass block out a date




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    Coreena Vieth

    Hi Rezdy team, this is certainly some kind of progress to what has been up until now a time consuming task of deleting all products in one day... I'm sure it's a mammoth task, but... I personally feel only half the problem has been resolved.  In particular, for operators with a combination of products with sessions and others that may be requested "any date/any time', the issue is still unresolved. For the products on 'any date/any time', customers can still request a date that we've indicated in our calendar as "blocked out" ( - why?  Also, when a vehicle may only be off the road for only 1/2 a day / or a guide not available for the morning sessions, we still need to go into each and every product affected and adjust them individually... if we want to block out a series of days (e.g. when we wish to take a well-deserved holiday ourselves) we need to action this blockout for each and every day separately - still a little time consuming if taking a 2 weeks break (albeit quite a bit less time consuming with this daily option).  An 'umbrella' availability calendar should really be an 'umbrella' that covers ALL products for a specified period (including 'any date/any time') - great that we can block out a whole day in one go but there are still some things that could definitely be improved upon for greater efficiency.  Maybe a survey about this issue sent to all your users may highlight many more areas that will allow you to implement a true 'umbrella' availability calendar and one that will be as efficient as it can be. In the meantime, can you pleeeeeeze implement this blockout calendar to apply to products set to 'any date/any time' as well - that as a minimum improvement to what you have done now would be absolutely fantastic. While I'm here commenting - how's the request going for being able to put comments in on the calendar - this would allow us to be reminded why a date is blocked out too - kind of goes hand in hand. Thank you now and in advance.  Cheers Coreena :-)

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    Vicki Norek

    Thanks Guys this will certainly be handy for Christmas Day, Christmas Eve and Boxing Day when we don't operate, however over the Christmas week when we still run some tours and we want to block 10 out of our 23 tours, we will still need to go through the old process. It would be good to have a selection box where you can choose to block all tours or block X number of tours - eg where you could click on which tours from a list you want to block on that day.

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