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    William Ho

    Good Function!

    However, when I create different session with different price. 

    When my customer goes to a booking page, choose the date they want.

    But the pricing by items doesn't varies with the high/low season date we set. (refer to attachment)

    After click "confirm availability", the price is the correct one.

    It's a bug which might make the customer confusion before placing an order.

    Please check this problem. Thank you.


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    Nigel Mitten

    Does anyone know if this problem was fixed?

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    Kim Beresford

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your comments. You're correct in that the prices on your booking form will always reflect the prices you've set up for the product, i.e. they will not change based on the date the customers chooses before clicking, "Confirm Availability". What we offer as a solution is the, "Advertised Price", also set up in the product settings. This is a price which will reflect as, "From $X.xx" so that customers understand the price varies.

    I will discuss the possibility of varying prices based on the date chosen with our Development Team and let you know if we would be able to add this feature. Please also add this to our Ideas Forum so that other customers can vote and leave their feedback for it -

    Thank you!

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    Sarah Chick

    Hi We are wondering how to add our next years rates, without making the price change until the season change ( april 1st 2016)
    i want to have our availabilty open after april, bt want to ensure that prospective clients see the new price for that time onwards.. the adding a session does not work in this instance.

    be great to have this ready by no later than Jan 2016 for the coming season change.

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