How to create a transfer, shuttle or flight

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    Russell Brown

    Needs one last minor touch.


    Often with a shuttle service the customer is booking for a PICKUP TIME.  So when a customer looks for availability and books , their choosing for example a 7AM shuttle so thats the time that has to be chosen for the start of the session.  BUT  for staff dealing with customers getting off that bus for the activity often that is say 1 hour later at 8am.   But now staff looking at their manifest and customer arrivals for the day SEE  7am on the calendar and manifest when in fact  those customer are being handled by a driver and don't turn up for the activity until 8am.    ie. they appear an hour too early on the calendar and manifest.


    For a shuttle type activity that delivers the customer for a tour activity at the end of a driving period, be great of you could TAG the shuttle product to say drive time is =  60min and that way the session does not appear on the calendar and manifest until the shuttle departure time PLUS 60 min so 8am.     You would however need a flag to show that 7am is the shuttle departure and tour arrival 8am.



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