How to create a daily rental

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    Ethan Berman

    We have the same issue with Rock Climbing equipment. Sometimes people need to rent only a rope and a harness, other times a full set. I tried to work around this by making a product called "Equipment Rentals" set to cost zero. I added each item as an "add on" with the cost of a per day rental (which you can tally up for multiple days). This allowed me to get a total cost for all the items the customer wanted to rent, and then apply percentage discounts using promo codes.

    This system is not ideal because it does not allow you to have multiple pricing categories for different items (but we just have one price per item/day, and give percentage discounts based on the length of the rental). It also only works for orders made at our store, since staff need to enter in the discounts before the customer pays. In addition, it does not allow us to track the pieces of equipment we have, and the number rented at a time.

    A full blown equipment rental product (one product for all equipment) would be an incredibly powerful addition to the Rezdy platform. 

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    Will Goudie

    Would be great if we can have different price categories per day - eg. Adult Rate per day, Child Rate etc. This would save creating different products for each category. But then, we may, or may not, have different inventories of equipment for each age group as well.

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    Alfred Go


    Is it possible to add "START AND END TIME" of rental?

    Like if they want to start the rental from 10am and return the equipment on different time. If their rental exceeds 24 hours it will be considered 2 days rental.

    Also is it possible for the resources to be available that way?

    Hope someone can help.

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