What is a 'Multi-day Tour' Product and when to use it




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    Beryl Preuschmann

    A multi day tour generally consists of multiple single activities which would be in my resources or products - is there a way of packaging those up for a multiday tour?

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    Georg LaBonte

    I have the same question. We want to have a multi-day package include different activities on different days, using different resources, for instance "3-day excursion, day 1 = product 1/resource 1, day 2=product 2/resource 2... etc..." Also why can we not break up the days? They appear to only book in succession? i.e., a 3-day booking must be fri-sun, you can't say, 3-day explore rome, with day 1 = monday, day 2 = wednesday, day 3=thursday.

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