How to create promo codes

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    Stacey Payne

    How to clients use these on Online bookings?
    I just went to test one out as an online client and there is no where that i can see of to insert a code?

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    Mark Godwin

    Yeah, what Stacey said! I can't find anywhere to enter a code either!?

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    Hi Guys, thanks for reaching out to Support, please click the following link and find the "5 - Booking Form option to show or hide the Voucher box" section of this release article:

    This checkbox is usually ticked by default, but sometimes needs to be manually ticked.

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    Trina Johnson

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone has found a way to make a discount code ONLY applicable when paying full priced product? So if they choose "pay deposit & balance later" they have to pay full price, and discount code won't work, but if they choose "full amount" the discount code will work.

    I really don't want to create two different products, which Rezdy tell me is the only option.

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    Shelly McManus

    I wanted to create a buy 3, get one free promo code for a Mother's Day promotion but can't quite figure out how to do it, unless they call in.  Ideas?


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