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    Chris Kaiser



    But what if we have a resource, which can only be shared by one booking party?


    Say, e.g. we are renting tandems. Nobody wants to sit with an unknown stranger on a tandem, but with the person he knows. Do we have to add each tandem on its own?


    In our case it is even a bit more complicated: We have accommodation for our tours as well, everyone participating stays at least one night. One room could host up to 4 persons, that are 2 adults and 2 children. But if 2 persons book a room, or even a single traveler, the room is full as well, of course.


    Is this somehow possible?


    We have furthermore 7 different tours, and of course, in which ever tour our guests participate, they would like to sleep in a room at night. So somehow it is sharing between tours, but not sharing between strangers...

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    Jeff Cremer

    Good question. Did they get back to you with an answer?

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    Ryan Lawber

    I'm trying to set up our resources to be available at certain quantities. Let me explain.

    We do group events and bike rides. For these, we have customers select the bike size that they'd like to rent. I have all our bikes input as resources by size...Let's say we have 20 bikes (4 small, 5 medium, 6 large, 5 extra large). Since the platform seems to compile all the resources into one lump, as it's set up someone can come in and attempt to reserve up to 20 small bikes, which we don't have. Is there a way to link the resources by type to certain products?

    Sorry if this is confusing...Let me know if I should explain further.

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    Erin Monday

    Trying to use this across multiple venues/bookings for different rooms to factor on availabilities.

    It lets me double book on venue -- I was able to put in two events for the same time period for the same venue, even though the venue is limited to one, and the product is set to be limited by quantity of available resources.


    In other words, I am not sure its "subtracting" the availability of a resource during different products booked at the same time.

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    Iasa Monique Ribeiro

    Hi, I have a question. I work with a limited quantity of vans for my tours, and once all those vans are assigned for it's tour I'd like the availability for all my options to be blocked for that day. I couldn't understand if this is automatic after I add each van to each session in my calendar, apparently not. Any thoughts?

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    Kim Beresford

    Hi everyone, 

    Thanks for all of your posts.  We're going to get in touch with you individually as some of your questions involved multiple solutions and we need a bit more information. 

    For example, have you set your Resource to Shared?  If so, that Resource will accept more than one booking over multiple Products.  There are also other ways to limit the number of Orders you accept per Resource which has to do with setting up your Product as Private or Charter. 

    Again, we'll be in touch to sort it all out with you and then post some tips for everyone to see here. 

    Also, we've just scheduled a Webinar to review how to manage Resources -  Be sure to sign up if you're interested in learning more!

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    Ethan Berman

    If I already have participants booked and then want to assign to that session a type of transport (a resource) will the resource than be populated with the two participants (i.e. if the van has 10 seats, after I add that resource it will show 2/10)?

    I am having issues with this if I already have bookings for a given session.


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    Kim Beresford

    Yes, if you already have bookings for a Session and then add a Resource to that Session, the existing Order(s) will be assigned to that Resource and the Availability will be less the total number of participants.

    Thanks for your note and let us know if you have any other questions.

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