New Release - 14/Nov/2014 - Clone Extras & more

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    Bali Diving

    I feel that this is the wrong way to create and add extras, so you are basically saying i have to create a product and then add all my extras to that product and then duplicate and copy from that product to all other products that i want to add my extras on to.

    so what is a i have a different list of products for other products, i now have to go into another product type and create my extras and then go through all products and then copy the extras from that product, this is a long way around and complicated especially if i have lot of products,

    Why don't you just create something in the type list which is call extras, allocate a category to it called, erm extras so i have a single location where i can create and manage all the extras for the entire business and the simply go into each product and then choose which extras from the list i have just built. so much more simpler and manageable.

    If this has been implemented then can you adivse on this, many thanks

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