New Release - 07/Oct/2014 - Application redesign

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    Paul Turner

    I find the text to light it is very hard to read.:(


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    Hugo Sterin

    Hi Paul,

    We just made the text a bit darker, it should be easier to read now


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    Kim Bedrossian

    Did you delete the graphics of all the Apps? you used to have book now images, viator images etc - but can not see them. Visual logos are so much easier to find, rather than looking at headings.

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    Julio Fraile

    Autocomplete drop-down lists are very helpful, at least for the desktop version. When creating now an Internal Order you have to browse the whole list as it is not even order by name.

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    @Kim, you can see the logo in the app menu again.

    @Julio, the autocomplete in the list is back.

    As usual, happy to hear you feedback

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    Craig Haslam

    I am confused - just trying to make a outsourced booking - can some one ring us (from the country so I might be a bit slow than the other high tech suppliers:)!

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    Scott Dewar

    Step in the right direction but we are having a few problems on mobile devices. Having trouble updating quantities within orders on the responsive design. Having things show incorrectly or disappear off the screen on mobile. Page isn't reformatting properly between landscape and portrait on the phone. Objects are overlapping and sometimes not click-able. 

    e.g. (all in mobile)

    1. in the orders list, I cant click in the search box to start a search.
    2. if opening the right hand menu it wont close automatically if the left hand menu is then opened.
    3. in the calendar clicking on a session opens the dialogue box off the screen (so in for example "week" view I have to scroll to the right to see the end of the week. If I click on the Friday session, it will open the dialogue over to the left - something I didn't actually notice it was doing until I scrolled back to hit the menu).

    I like the idea, but its causing a little grief! In reality, seeing as there is still left-right scrolling I am not even sure if this is true responsive design. I understand that it is a tough one, but on a mobile it has actually made it a little more difficult to use.




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    Scott Dewar

    We need this rolled back. This is completely unusable on

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    Scott Dewar

    Oops...its completely unusable on our mobile devices. We can't search or open orders.

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    Callum McDonald

    Twice today I have sent emails to our customers an accidentally clicked on the screen, if you click anywhere but the send button on the e-mail compose pane then the whole message is deleted and you are returned to the previous screen. Can we have a prompt to ask us where we would like to leave the page to stop this?

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    Brad Murden

    I agree with the previous comments. Rezdy is now impossible to use on an iPhone. Is it possible to get an update on when this will be rectified?

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    Miguel David

    The new responsive look is great. I just wish that the calendar view was responsive as well on an iPhone 5. I would also like to have the manifest of the day as the front page on the phone view.

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