New Release - 16/Oct/2014 - Manifest Check-in

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    Brad Murden

    Nice work!! Is there a way to uncheck them in as well, in case of a mistake? If not this would be a necessary and helpful addition.
    Brad Coastal Cruises.

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    Jodi Doyle

    Thanks.  Will hopefully get it working within next week.  Agree with Brad re unchecking, will have a look & see what happens.  Cheers

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    Callum McDonald

    Hi Guys

    It would be great to see this feature allow you to put how many people arrived Vs how many booked so we can look at our No Show rate so we have a baseline for overbookings.

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    Kim Beresford

    Thanks for your feedback - I'll look into an option to have it unchecked in the case of a mistake. 

    As for your suggestion to have a check-in per participant, Callum; that's a great suggestion!  Could you please add it to our forum for consideration?  Here's the link:

    Thanks again!

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    Jodi Doyle

    Thank you so much. Check in is great.  Any update on being able to uncheck them in case of mistake? havent been able to do that so far.  

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    Adreventura Ticino

    could the customers check in themselves as well before a tour starts?

    Just as for an airplane that you check in before even arriving on the airport about 72hrs before

    Could this feature be build in for example a simple link or button that we can send to the customer?

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