New Release - 8 May - Advanced emails: more reminders and follow up options

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    Leigh Morum

    It would be great if we could insert a field containing the name of the employee taking the booking.

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    Megan Ohls

    Hi Petra,

    I have added your idea to our Ideas Forum on your behalf.

    Please "like" the idea and add any additional information in the comments section:

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    Tracey Evans

    Not all the email templates drop down on the order page.  Payment Reminder is one of them as a business taking only a deposit upfront for our extended tours I really need this one working.  I also get a grey transparent screen overlaying the webpage when I click on Send test email.  I have to click on escape to get rid of it and then refresh the page.

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    Sean Blackmore

    We would like to be able to add the customers TITLE (Mr, Mrs,etc) in the introductory text of the email. e.g Hi Mr Smith

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