New Release - 7 May - Export Manifest to CSV

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    Randy Palmer

    This option doesn't work for an order that has more than one participant.  It only exports the single participant entries in the manifest.

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    Stephen Jackson

    I would like to suggest that the manifest has an option to be displayed by participant and not just by order/customer and that this is able to be exported to CSV.

    Once orders are made we mainly need the information on participants for making rooming lists for hotels, activities etc. Having the participants displayed on one row of the manifest (and therefore one row of the csv) makes it very difficult to read and creates a lot of manual work to separate the participants out to make the data useful.

    This is quite a key feature for us.

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    Adreventura Ticino

    Agreed to the above comments

    Needing it as well very urgently

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    Kenneth Hart

    Is there a way to incl. email addresses in the export? Sometimes we need to send a tour-specific email to everyone on a specific tour, would be great if we can export this and then merge an email to them all via our email system.

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