New Release - 29 April - Custom Emails for Gift Cards




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    Dylan Jones

    We're just setting this up for a christmas promotion and have come across a problem with the customer experience.

    We've set this up online successfully and the customer is able to purchase the gift card but the choices of delivery are poor.

    1) the purchaser gets an email saying "hi recipient, purchaser has got you a gift card" (which doesn't make sense for them to receive it in this manner - it needs to have a link to a page they can print or something so they can give the "gift")

    2) the recipient gets the email immediately (which means that the purchaser isn't able to give it to them on Christmas Day for example)

    Any way forward here?

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    Josh Waterson

    im also having major issues understanding the creation of internal gift cards and how that relates to the gift card that gets emailed via the system

    Who is the customers field? (the buyer or the recipient)
    Whos email address do we use (buyer or recipient)
    it needs to be clearer

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