New Release - 29 April - Custom Emails for Gift Cards

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    Dylan Jones

    We're just setting this up for a christmas promotion and have come across a problem with the customer experience.

    We've set this up online successfully and the customer is able to purchase the gift card but the choices of delivery are poor.

    1) the purchaser gets an email saying "hi recipient, purchaser has got you a gift card" (which doesn't make sense for them to receive it in this manner - it needs to have a link to a page they can print or something so they can give the "gift")

    2) the recipient gets the email immediately (which means that the purchaser isn't able to give it to them on Christmas Day for example)

    Any way forward here?

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    Josh Waterson

    im also having major issues understanding the creation of internal gift cards and how that relates to the gift card that gets emailed via the system

    Who is the customers field? (the buyer or the recipient)
    Whos email address do we use (buyer or recipient)
    it needs to be clearer

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    Scott Dewar


    Thanks to Hugh, for letting me know they are working on new ideas for the gift cards. I will hope to tally some of my own thoughts, as well as others, here: (excuse me if they have been implemented):

    • Open ended gift cards. (required by law I believe in some areas - although even then they surely have some expiry?). 
    • Prefix/suffix or gift card pools: This is really for having pre-printed gift cards. Say for example if you want a physical credit card style card when printing, they usually need to be pre printed with the code or if the operator wants to add a prefix or suffix to particular gift card products to help identify them. It might be better to just do "from the pool" and the user can create their own prefix or suffix in excel or similar - instructions provided?So the choices would be:
    1. Rezdy allocated. 
    2. Suffix + random within a number range or allocated randomly.
    3. Prefix + random within a number range or allocated randomly
    4. From pool (added by field or file) - probably best to do this sequentially as pre-printing would do it like that.
    • Selling supplier gift cards as an agent.
    • Reminder emails when gift cards are going to expire: "Would you like the recipient to receive a reminder notification before the voucher expires" (or something worded better!) - if yes, enter email (or same as above).
    • Choose price - allow the person purchasing to choose the $ amount of the gift card - perhaps set within a range by the supplier. 
    • Create a display in browser shortcode. This will allow great flexibility when sending to email clients that don't like HTML (outlook, etc). 
    • Attach the gift card to the email as a pdf - confirmation email and/or supplier (so the supplier can print it if they are posting).
    • Add in a send gift card on date DDMMYYY so the buyer can have the gift card automatically send on a particular date.

    • Notifications if options are chosen - for example, a posted gift card over an emailed one. 

    I think that is it. But would love to hear some more ideas! 



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