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    Cedric Trounson

    "Furthermore, you can impress many concierges around you, as they won't need to call you anymore to send you customers. If you make their live easier, you will get the bookings, not your competitors."

    That comment is in dream world. Many booking agents and I sites preferr to ring  rather than use computers to make bookings. I totaly agree that it would be better for everyone to book on line, but in the real world, it doesnt happen. I sites have the person sitting in front of them, they want confirmation immeadiatly and dont want to spend time booking on line.  happens all the time, and not only for same day bookings, ones for several day ahead too.

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    Hi Cedric, 

    We are starting to implement solutions for concierges in Sydney next week. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm sure if we can make it in Australia it should be possible anywhere, even in NZ ;-)

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    200 connected agents, and counting... As it appears, online booking is much faster than phone.

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