New Release - 05 August - Point of Sales




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    Ed Erazo


    While the print option is good I would like to suggest the following- If I creat a tours - type of tour ( ticket) it would be great that we could print out this reciept as a boarding pass with the liability on it so the client can sign and use as a boarding Pass  (thermal printer)  maybe it could generate a bar code that we could use with a bar code scanner on our boat to identify the clients payment type and use it for when the client purchases premium bar drink, t-shirst ,souviniers etc etc. It would be great to use the thermal printer so that at checkin we just charge the client print off the ticket they sign the liability clause and use the ticket as a boarding pass. Also it would be good for us to be able to select what is viewable on the ticket as the different clients get different prices depending on where they made their reservation this way we do not have prices on the tickets but internal only.

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    Damien Harris

    What about the "start & finish button" we have discussed before so that we know what customer has come in and who hasn't arrived yet?

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