New Release - 26 June - Resource Dependent Calendar

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    Chris Kameen

    Loving the resource dependent calendar, I can't believe that this functionality exists - it is awesome. I may though have found a mini flaw. I Have just loaded an order for this Saturday and one customer is booking for two people. the resource dependency is seeing this as only one person. Is this correct?


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    Cristopher Siegel
    Resource dependent calendar seems great but my problem is I need to have 3 boats of 11 people total available at one departure time (session) . So would be total of 33 seats. If one boat fills up, does it go straight to the next resource? And what happens if the first boat has 8 people but 4 more want to book, it would split them out to the second boat unless the customer can see the resource availability and therefore choose the second boat that would accommodate 4 rather than have 3 in the first boat and 1 in the second boat. But there is no way for the customer to see the resources available when they book online?

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