New Release - 15 April - Sell Gift Cards

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    Mark Unrau

    In Canada it is against the law to have a gift card that expires.  Is there a way to remove the expire date from the order?  

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    Edgar Leung

    Wow, almost a year has passed and Rezdy has yet to answer Mark's question. This is a legitimate question for which I'd like an answer also. 

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    Hi Mark, Hi Edgar, 

    You can now create a voucher without an expiration date.

    Next week with our new release, you will be able to create a product type gift card with 0 days expiration (ie never expire), as well as allow you customer to buy any product as a gift card without expiration date.

    So it's all coming next week. Thanks for your patience and fell free to send us an email or give us a call anytime.

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