Automated vs. Manual payments agent bookings

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    Paul Middleton

    I'm getting the error "The selling price is too low to cover agent commision.".

    My "payments" field is:

    "payments": [ {
            "type": "CREDITCARD",
            "amount": "100",
            "currency": "AUD",
            "date": "2017-12-04T23:50:00Z",
            "label": "Payment processed by agent"
          } ]

    This is for a single ticket costing $100.

    Can you please clarify:

    1. Is it possible for the Agent to take the full payment manually from the customer, then reimburse the supplier?
    2. What value should appear in payments: amount field if this is possible?




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    Dusan Zahoransky

    Hi Paul,

    it is based on an agreement with a supplier what payment type will be used for the bookings of their products, please check the articles in the agents section for details 

    Via API, check the field product.agentPaymentType to see what option is available for a certain product.

    Based on the error, it looks like you were trying to book an automated payment product with manual payments data in your request, moreover you have entered a custom price for the booking items and set it too low (see 

    If you still have an issue with the booking service, please send me the request details to




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