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    Scott Dewar

    A few things, in order of (at least my perceived level of) importance:

    (this is all solved by having product specific emails, rather than generic as it is now. For each business that offers different types of products: private tours, public tours, day, multi day, hire, charter, etc. the information displayed in each email - right down to the introduction would be different). Some real problems as we see them:

    1. Booking Status - We now use this and in general it works great. For public tours, we have pending_supplier (waiting on minimum numbers) and confirmed and for private tours, we have pending_customer (waiting for deposit) and confirmed. Currently, we have an explanation of what these statuses mean at the top of the confirmation email. The problem comes as we set up products that fit outside public and private tours (gift cards, merch, credit card payments for private tours, etc). These don't really have a "status" or it isn't all that important. So we either have to display a confusing bunch of information about tours and status for charters, merchandise and gift cards or not show it at all (which isn't an option for our private tours). 

    2. The section in each product: "Add information to confirmation emails" doesn't allow you to use any of the shortcodes. So the information in here can only be static. 

    As I said. I think there need to be the ability to create custom emails per product is KING. There is just such a big difference between the different product types and the information that needs to be displayed and the wording used. 

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    Tracy Eeftink

    @stevie We would also be interested in this solution as we have recently encountered this problem as well!

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    @Tracy; ticket raised!

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    Hi Sandra,

    I've raised a Support Ticket regarding your issue, we'll be in further contact with the best way to handle this situation.

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    Jessica weigel

    Item summary on page 2 is showing a different amount that the item total on page 1 for orders where we manually chance the amount.  This is confusing customers.

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    Kate Norris

    We deal with a lot of internal agent bookings. Can we please have the capacity to customise the agent emails?  Also it always addresses these emails to the agent that set up the account often this is not the person making the booking and is inappropriate, however we have no capacity to change this.

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    Jen Palter

    That would be great!

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    Stevie (Edited )

    @Jessica you'll need to use the 1. Quantities - Edit Prices option instead of 2. overwriting the total amounts. This will correct the Item Summary in the emails: 

    If you need further assistance with this, reach out to our Support Team by clicking here.

    @Heather there are no plans on reversing any changes, instead we're going to be making improvements to the new format based on Community feedback.

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    Conor O'Boyle

    Hi team,


    Can we please add the pickup location to the agent order confirmation? Currently it only shows the pickup time.




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    Tracy Eeftink (Edited )

    Unfortunately,  we also agree with the 2 comments above.

    Specifically, we would like to see the "Order Summary","Payment History" & "Item Summary" all merged if possible (similar to old email format).  Having these three separate fields, all with different totals, creates a lot of confusion for both guests and office staff.



    We also hope to see improvements on the quick item summary at the top of the page.  We really do require it to be larger. 

    Please help!

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    Hi All, keep the comments and feedback rolling in! in the short time (April) since the new emails were released, we've made two major adjustments purely based on your feedback and help. More to come!

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